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Bursitis Foot Treatment

Is bursitis in the foot causing you unbearable pain and affecting your sleep, work or life in general? Bursitis foot pain can dramatically affect a person’s sleep work and play. This can cause extreme emotional stress on even the most strongly minded individual.

What’s worse is that foot bursitis is generally a difficult condition to properly treat as we are constantly placing the pressure of our whole body on them which results in continuous stress.

To learn more about foot bursitis and how the OSMO Patch in conjunction with proper rest is used to effectively relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with bursitis in the feet please continue reading below.

What is foot bursitis?

Throughout the body there are hundreds of small lubricated sacs that act as cushions to help reduce friction and pressure between bones, tendons and muscles moving across each other… these are called bursas. These bursa sacs are also located throughout the foot and when the foot undergoes stress or other injury then they can become inflamed and swell causing intense pain and discomfort… this condition is known as foot bursitis.

Bursitis foot pain often occurs;

Causes of foot bursitis?

Some of the more common causes for bursitis in the foot include;

  • Overuse
  • Prolonged stress to the foot
  • A sudden impact to the foot
  • Repetitive movements, stress and strain to the hip
  • Poor foot wear
  • Underlying inflammatory condition (such as osteoarthritis)

What are some of the signs & symptoms of foot bursitis?

Signs and symptoms of bursitis in the foot may include;

  • Pain wearing certain footwear,
  • Pain when walking, jogging or running,
  • Tenderness and discomfort in the toes, ball of the foot or heel,

Foot bursitis treatments?

Normally your doctor will recommend painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication, or a cortisone steroid injection. Occasionally surgery may even be suggested by some doctors when bursitis persists and ongoing pain becomes unbearable.

Unfortunately for many individuals suffering pain and discomfort from foot bursitis the above treatments discussed may just not be suitable and this could be for several reasons such as;

  • Many people would have already tried one or more of the above treatments with little to no benefit or;
  • Some people may have pre-existing medical conditions or allergies that do not allow them to use certain medications or,
  • Some people may simple prefer to avoid painful injections or strong medications and instead opt for a natural bursitis foot treatment.

Fortunately, the OSMO Patch now offers an Intelligent & 100% Natural Alternative method to treat foot bursitis!

The OSMO Patches have been especially developed to draw fluid out of the body, reducing swelling and the associated pain in conditions such as bursitis in the foot.

Simply stick the OSMO Patch over the area of the foot where pain or inflammation occurs and prior to going to sleep. The patches will then go to work reducing inflammation by removing fluid and stimulating blood flow continually all through the night while you sleep. Then when you wake in the morning the used patch is removed and simply discarded.

It is truly that simple! >> See what people are saying after trying the OSMO Patch

The OSMO Patch used together with proper rest now provides an effective alternative method to relieve inflammation and pain associated with bursitis in the foot. What’s more the OSMO Patch is;

  • 100% natural
  • Drugs & Steroid Free,
  • Non-Invasive & Pain free… and,,
  • Backed by our No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

So if you are ready for a natural & effective approach to supporting the relief of inflammation and pain caused by bursitis in the foot then the OSMO Patch is the Answer!

ORDER the OSMO Patch Today!


I’ve had knee problems for 3 decades and have had 4 surgeries due to an ACL Tear and numerous Meniscus tears.  Due to these problems, I’ve had a chronic problem with a Baker’s Cist in back of my knee.  I’ve been living with the Baker’s Cyst for years and the swelling that this Cyst caused […]

- William M, California, United States

I hurt my knee quite severely when out bushwalking in the Mt Mitchell National Park a distance of approximately 5.0 kilometres up total distance almost 11k. I hadn’t been doing much strenuous walking and on the way down I got a nasty pain in my knee. My doctor told me I had a Bakers Cyst […]

- Gabrielle W, QLD, Australia

We have purchased your patches for application on my husband’s knee.  It certainly drained some fluid from his knees, giving some relief after one application.

- Sharon B, Alberta, Canada

Hello Toky, 4 more patches to go, and I can report great improvement!  I can bend the knee, the lump in the back is so much smaller, (by half?) I think.  Not even thinking of a drain needle and cortisone shot at this point.  Your explanations are a little hard for me to follow medically, […]

- Judy, North Carolina, United States

I had a sac of fluid to the upper-right of my knee. Quite large. Initially I had pulled my calf muscle and without realizing the extent of the pull, I continued to pursue my daily routine which consisted of morning workouts at the gym including “spin” class.  Needless to say, I aggravated the whole situation. […]

- Vickie M, Rhode Island, United States

OSMO Patch No Questions Asked Guarantee Policy

As with any treatment there will always be some people that our patches regretfully won't help. While there may be several reasons for this, we do appreciate that such a situation will always be disappointing. Hence, we have put together our ‘No Questions asked Money back Guarantee’.

If after applying the patches for 5 consecutive nights you honestly feel that the patches have not yet provided you any type of relief or help from your injury then please discontinue the use of the patches and simply e-mail us within 45 Days of placing your order to take up your No Questions asked Guarantee. We will then provide you with your Return Authorization Number (RA#) and return details. This guarantee is a full refund on the purchase price less the original postage & handling cost.

IMPORTANT: As you will hopefully understand this Guarantee does not apply to either re-orders or orders greater than 2 Boxes of 10 patches (i.e. orders greater than 20 patches). This guarantee is only applicable to orders purchased directly from osmopatch.com and does not include purchases from re-sellers.

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