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What is a Baker's Cyst by OSMO Patch

What is a Baker’s Cyst?

In this informational video post we describe the condition of Baker’s cyst, also known as a popliteal cyst. This is is the first in our 8 part video series in which you will learn essential advice to avoid further injury and great tips on how to naturally reduce swelling & pain due to a baker’s cyst.

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Is exercise good for a Baker's Cyst by OSMO Patch

Is Exercise good for a Baker’s Cyst?

Many health professionals recommend exercise to people suffering with a baker’s cyst.. however could this cause you more harm then good?

This educational video post discusses if it is good to exercise with a Baker’s Cyst, a swelling found at the back of the knee which often causes pain and discomfort, resulting in a restriction of daily activities.

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How to treat a Baker's Cyst by OSMO Patch

How to treat a Baker’s Cyst?

Wanting to learn how to best treat a baker’s cyst? Watch this informational video post to learn about the possible treatment options that are available for a Baker’s Cyst. Also learn about a natural home treatment option offered by the OSMO Patch.

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OSMO Patch No Questions Asked Guarantee Policy

As with any treatment there will always be some people that our patches regretfully won’t help. While there may be several reasons for this, we do appreciate that such a situation will always be disappointing. Hence, we have put together our ‘No Questions asked Money back Guarantee’.

If after applying the patches for 5 consecutive nights you honestly feel that the patches have not yet provided you any type of relief or help from your injury then please discontinue the use of the patches and simply e-mail us within 45 Days of placing your order to take up your No Questions asked Guarantee. We will then provide you with your Return Authorization Number (RA#) and return details. This guarantee is a full refund on the purchase price less the original postage & handling cost.

IMPORTANT: As you will hopefully understand this Guarantee does not apply to either re-orders or orders greater than 2 Boxes of 10 patches (i.e. orders greater than 20 patches). This guarantee is only applicable to orders purchased directly from and does not include purchases from re-sellers.

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