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Bursitis Treatment

Are you suffering from inflammation, swelling or other painful symptoms of bursitis?

Does bursitis pain affect your work, sleep or lifestyle? Would you like to find a treatment that;

  • Provides effective Pain Relief
  • Is 100% Natural
  • Has NO Drugs or Steroids
  • Is Non-Invasive & Pain Free
  • Backed by a full ‘No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee’

If you answered yes to any one or more of the above questions then using the OSMO Patch could well be one of the most important choices you could make towards relieving the inflammation, swelling and pain associated with bursitis and start regaining your health and lifestyle TODAY!

Firstly… what is bursitis?

Before we continue it is important to answer a few quick questions such as… ‘what is bursitis?’ As you may or may not already know, a bursa is a small balloon like sac that can be found around joints and other moving parts of the body, such as the shoulder, elbow, foot, hip, knee and ankle.

These small balloons like sacs (bursae) have a small amount of lubricating fluid within them known as ‘synovial fluid’. This fluid allows a bursa to act like a cushion while also reducing friction between sliding tendons and bones. Occasionally a bursa will be subjected to ongoing stress or a sudden trauma. When this occurs it usually results in an inflamed bursa that fills with fluid. This condition is known as BURSITIS and can be the cause of considerable discomfort and pain.

Next it’s good to understand the symptoms and signs.

The signs and symptoms of bursitis can vary from individual to individual depending on the degree of inflammation. Symptoms will normally include localized pain and tenderness. An extremely inflamed bursa may also result in visible swelling that appears as a lump. Visible swelling is a particularly common symptom of both knee and elbow bursitis that may cause joint stiffness and extreme pain when weight or pressure is applied to that affected joint. (Diagnosis of bursitis should always be confirmed by a qualified doctor prior to starting any treatment and will often require an ultrasound).

Finally… we need to consider the current treatment options.

Bursitis is classified as a soft tissue injury that is often initially treated with rest and ice within the first 24-48hrs after the initial onset. The purpose of this is to decrease the amount of inflammation and swelling. However in many situations this type of injury unfortunately will not resolve completely on its own with just rest and icing. Instead it will frequently remain inflamed and can even become worse over time leading to pain and discomfort.

It is usually when this occurs that most individuals will seek medical intervention and first learn that they actually have bursitis after visiting their doctor. Bursitis treatment unfortunately has undergone very little advancement over the past decade or so and most doctors will therefore offer very few alternatives when it comes to recommending a treatment.

In general most doctors will recommend either; anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, the painful draining of excess fluid out of the inflamed bursa sac using a syringe and possibly surgery in extreme cases.

Understandably for some individuals such treatment options may not be an option. This could be for several reasons including… they may already have tried one or more of these existing treatments and experienced little to no benefit. Alternatively certain individuals will not be suitable for these existing types of treatments due to their age or possibly a pre-existing medical condition. Furthermore such procedures can be painful, are seen as invasive by many and may perhaps be viewed as un-necessary. Finally, many individuals would prefer to exercise their right of choice and firstly choose to try a natural bursitis remedy when dealing with their health.

The OSMO Patch used together with proper rest now offers an Intelligent Natural Alternative!

The OSMO Patch contains no steroids, no drugs and is completely non-invasive. The OSMO Patch has been specially designed to remove excess fluid from the body in order to reduce swelling and the associated pain. The OSMO Patch used in combination with proper rest is ideal for individuals suffering from bursitis.

Simply place the OSMO Patch over the affected area at night just prior to going to bed. They then go to work while you sleep removing fluid and stimulating blood flow continually throughout the night. In the morning the used patch is simply removed and discarded.

The OSMO Patch is the ideal effective and natural treatment for relieving inflammation, swelling and associated pain due to bursitis.

So if you would like to try a natural non-invasive approach to relieving inflammation and pain due to bursitis then the OSMO Patch is the Answer!

Order the OSMO Patch online today.

I’m from Clinton Mo.(USA)..Back in July I hurt my knee, and later formed a bakers cyst…it got so bad that I could not bend my knee. I had to walk with my leg stiff at all time, bending my knee was something that I could not do without a lot of pain…I was looking online […]

- Donna J, Missouri, United States

Dear Folks in Australia, I have just placed my third order with you for your OSMO Patches because they do work and I am so impressed with how they work.  No one here at my end has ever seen anything like your patches and I love telling people about them. I suffer from a Bakers […]

- Patty C, Michigan, United States

Dear Toky (customer care dept.) “Wow”, I cannot began to tell you how “Wonderful” IT IS to finally have relief   From such a painful ordeal!! I have used the OSMO Patch just twice, perhaps because it ruptured, it didn’t take as long for continue treatment to   be SOOOOO EFFECTIVE, I AM so thrilled!!  Please give  […]

- Virgie B, California, United States

Hi Toky, how are you? I ordered the patch because I have a meniscus tear on my knees which allows fluid to build into a baker’s cyst. The cyst I have on my right knee is larger than the left. So bending my knees is very uncomfortable because of the pressure and can be very […]

- Debra W, Alberta, Canada

Many thanks Toky….they were fab last time and its now been over 6 months since I have had to use them. Alas it seems my bursitus is back, so hence the need for the wonder patches……I got a bit careless with kneeling on my knee, so all my fault.

- Sarah K, West Sussex, United Kingdom

OSMO Patch No Questions Asked Guarantee Policy

As with any treatment there will always be some people that our patches regretfully won't help. While there may be several reasons for this, we do appreciate that such a situation will always be disappointing. Hence, we have put together our ‘No Questions asked Money back Guarantee’.

If after applying the patches for 5 consecutive nights you honestly feel that the patches have not yet provided you any type of relief or help from your injury then please discontinue the use of the patches and simply e-mail us within 45 Days of placing your order to take up your No Questions asked Guarantee. We will then provide you with your Return Authorization Number (RA#) and return details. This guarantee is a full refund on the purchase price less the original postage & handling cost.

IMPORTANT: As you will hopefully understand this Guarantee does not apply to either re-orders or orders greater than 2 Boxes of 10 patches (i.e. orders greater than 20 patches). This guarantee is only applicable to orders purchased directly from osmopatch.com and does not include purchases from re-sellers.

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